Still "on the green road": Budapest Airport awarded the environmentally friendly initiatives of Főtaxi

Budapest, 21st April 2021 – Főtaxi won Budapest Airport's "Landside Greenairport Partner of the Year 2020" award with which the airport operator appreciates companies that do a lot to protect the environment and operate sustainably. The largest domestic taxi company won the award mainly with the program “Zöldút” launched three years ago, the central element of which is the intensive development of the e-car fleet based on completely carbon-neutral vehicles and the related e-charging infrastructure.

For the 6th time, the airport operator has presented the award, which rewards initiatives that make companies operating at the airport do a lot to reduce airport emissions and operate sustainably.

Főtaxi has been the official taxi partner of the airport operating company since 2010, and last December Főtaxi won the Budapest Airport passenger tender for another five years. The country's largest taxi company continues to promise predictable, convenient and safe airport transfers to its passengers, and is planning significant investments at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport to increase the number of electric car chargers and digital developments to further increase the quality of customer service.

We are proud of the award we have received from one of our most important professional partners, which proves that we made the right decision when we voted for the development of e-mobility years ago. One of the most spectacular elements of Főtaxi's social responsibility program, the program “Zöldút”, launched three years ago, is the e-fleet, which now includes 50 completely carbon-neutral electric vehicles, and the e-charging infrastructure that serves it. Our developments were not set back by the coronavirus epidemic either. We are prepared to reopen, to boost airport and city traffic, and we are working to increase the number of fully electric cars in our fleet to three digits in a few years.

− said Reich Ádám, the CEO of Főtaxi.

Reich Ádám, the CEO of Főtaxi.

I am convinced that the future belongs to companies that are also environmentally responsible and where sustainability is not only in words, but in deeds.

– said Chris Dinsdale, CEO of Budapest Airport. He added:
Főtaxi is one such company, as it has worked to protect the environment despite the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic: it has set an example for all large companies with its large fleet of electric cars, electric chargers, electronic billing for passengers and a tree planting program.

The program “Zöldút” is not limited to the development of the e-fleet and the necessary charging infrastructure, but also interweaves the entire corporate operation. Compared to the base year, Főtaxi's paper consumption was reduced by 30% in the first year and by 50% in the second year, largely due to the replacement of bank card terminals in taxis with paperless devices. The company also undertook, as part of the program, to plant as many trees each year as the number of Főtaxi cars are working on the roads of Budapest.

Főtaxi has supported and continues to support its taxi franchise partners in difficult times following the pandemic: they offer a membership fee discount, electric cars for long-term rental construction, and even for electric car service providers a membership fee that includes charging an electric car. In addition, the partners were able to use tender advice to participate in the 2020 electric car grant tender. As part of this, taxi drivers were able to receive 55% of the price up to a purchase price of HUF 15 million. 250 people in the country have received such support, many of them are member of Főtaxi.