Corporate Social Responsibility

Főtaxi is committed to take part in socially important initiatives to protect our environment, in line with its economic weight and its role in urban mobility, as the oldest and largest taxi company in the country. For this purpose, we launched our program “Zöldút” in 2018, which defines and permeates the day-to-day operations of the company. Our integrated social responsibility program rests on three pillars:



Főtaxi has the largest e-taxi fleet in Hungary. Our fleet currently includes nearly 70 completely carbon-neutral, purely electric cars and more than 200 low-emission hybrid vehicles. However, as part of the program “Zöldút”, we are steadily increasing the proportion of electric and hybrid cars in the fleet.

We believe that building a proper charging network, which we have been working on for years, is essential for the spread of electric taxiing. Our goal is to quadruple the number of our existing e-chargers in a few years so that as many people as possible can use electric taxis.

We have developed a new, favourable membership fee model for our franchise partners who can also use the e-chargers that we have installed without restriction. As e-mobility is becoming more and more popular in the taxi society due to its environmental and economic impacts, we provide professional advice for those who have voted for a carbon-neutral future to successfully participate in electric car tenders.



We have already reduced our paper consumption by 30% in the first year of the program and by 50% in the second year. In each taxi we replaced the classic bank card reader devices with devices that no longer have a printer and the passenger receives the receipt by email or sms. One would not even believe how much paper we save with this. In addition, our cars have had paperless POS terminals for years. In 2021, we introduced our digital clearing center service to our taxi partners and in the long run, our goal is to make our offices completely paperless as well.



Perhaps the most lovable part of our program is tree planting. As part of this, we undertook to plant as many trees every year as many our cars work on the roads of Budapest. The first tree planting was successfully completed in 2019 with the planting of 2,000 seedlings. Unfortunately, due to the closures caused by the epidemic last year, we did not have the opportunity to do so, but we are confident that we can continue the installation with our professional partner this year.