Főtaxi wins Budapest airport taxi tender again

Főtaxi became the winner in the Budapest Airport taxi passenger transport tender, so the company will be the official taxi partner of the airport operating company for another five years from December 2020. Since the start of the cooperation in 2010, the offer of Főtaxi has proved to be the best in the third consecutive airport tender.


The country's largest taxi company continues to promise predictable, convenient and safe airport transfers to its passengers, and is planning significant digital investments at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport to increase the number of electric car chargers and further increase the quality of customer service. The significance of the new agreement is increased by the fact that for taxi drivers particularly affected by the economic effects of the pandemic situation in the post-epidemic period, it will uniquely on the market secure a job and a well-calculated source of revenue for current and future Főtaxi drivers.

The partnership between Főtaxi and Budapest Airport, launched in 2010, will be extended for another five years after the largest domestic taxi service provider won the airport operator's passenger transport tender for the third time. The significance of the cooperation, which will continue from December 2020, is well indicated by the fact that in 2019 about 700,000 passengers and in the last 10 years a total of almost six million passengers and 120,000,000 kilometres were picked up by drivers of Főtaxi between the capital and Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

As part of the ongoing collaboration, Főtaxi is planning a number of developments at the airport. The number of electric charging plugs will be quadrupled, so it is planned to charge up to 18 electric cars at the same time, and they are also working on innovative digital developments that will improve the quality of customer service. The development of the charging infrastructure is especially important because Főtaxi has the largest electric car fleet among domestic taxi service providers, which, moreover, is constantly growing due to the discounts provided to taxi partners and the possibility of free charging.

We are pleased to continue our service-oriented collaboration with Főtaxi, who have once again made the best offer. The company has already proven that it provides a modern, reliable and safe service to passengers that also meets the expectations of foreign visitors. The significant electric car fleet is an important offering, as sustainable and environmentally friendly operation is a key focus area for Budapest Airport.

– said Dr. Rolf Schnitzler, CEO of Budapest Airport.
We are proud that Budapest Airport has chosen us again. Although the epidemic situation has reduced the number of tourism and especially airport freight to a minimum amount in the recent period, we are confident that by the second half of next year passenger traffic can return to normal. We are thinking in the long run, so it is particularly important that the new agreement -unique in the market- will secure a job and a well-calculated source of revenue for our taxi partners, who are affected by the economic impact of the pandemic situation.

– said Reich Ádám, CEO of Főtaxi. The expert believes that this success is also a recognition that the capital's largest taxi company with a long history is also one of the most innovative operators, where well-trained, experienced foreign-speaking drivers and a quality vehicle fleet await passengers.
The partnership with the airport has been well-tested over the past decade, so airport passengers can now enter the city in predictable, comfortable and safe conditions

- added The CEO.

The development of the Főtaxi electric car fleet and related infrastructure is part of a complex sustainability program called “Zöldút”, launched in 2019, under which the company made POS terminals used in taxis paperless, significantly reduced its use of office paper and undertook to plant the same amount of trees per year as the number of cars in the fleet still running on conventional fuel. As a first step in the commitment, 2,000 seedlings were planted in March this year with the help of the MyForest Foundation.