Frequently asked questions and answers

For Business Partners

As the market leader and oldest taxi company in the capital we serve our partners and clients with nearly 1,500 cars in Budapest and in the agglomeration, with a standstill time of up to 5 minutes. The experience, local knowledge and preparedness of our drivers, as well as the helpfulness of our dispatchers guarantee quality service.

The taxi will arrive for you at Budapest Airport immediately, within 5 minutes in Budapest, and in 8-10 minutes in the case of an agglomeration area.

For the third time since 2010, Főtaxi won the Budapest Airport taxi tender, so for another five years Főtaxi is the contracted passenger transport partner of the airport operating company. Our taxis are available 24 hours a day at the airport, where we are waiting for our passengers with an on-site pavilion and immediate, predictable and convenient service.

We provide cars for our corporate partners by phone, e-mail and application. In case of telephone and e-mail orders, please always state the partner code included in the contract, which ensures the priority and the service protocol. It is not possible to record a partner code in the application, however, you can register your taxi card under the "Payment" menu item by entering the corresponding PIN code.

Our corporate partners can choose between pre-upload (prepaid card) and postpaid (postpaid card, certificate number) payment methods. For more information please contact us: or +36 1 422 2150.

Yes, it is possible, but only if the order is made through the application and the chosen card (taxi card or debit card) has already been registered in the app. Please inform the driver in advance about your payment method.

By prior arrangement, we provide an on-site dispatcher for your events.

We provide a hostess service for our corporate partners by prior arrangement. In this case, the hostess will greet the guest with a sign on the arrival side, then accompany the guest to our pavilion and help the passenger get to their car. The driver does not start the taximeter until the passenger is seated.

In order to improve the air quality of the capital, we launched our "Zöldút" Program with the aim of making the oldest and largest taxi company in Budapest sustainable in long term. We believe that green is the new yellow!

Although we can already say that we have the largest e-taxi fleet in Hungary, as part of the program we are working every day to continuously increase the proportion of electric and hybrid cars in the fleet. For this, we support drivers with a membership fee discount and several chargers throughout the city. In addition, our cars have been operating with paperless POS terminals for years, and our long-term goal is to make our offices paperless as well.

In addition, we also play a part in tree planting to reduce our carbon footprint.

Főtaxi is constantly examining what new opportunities and technologies we can incorporate into the taxi industry and the mobility ecosystem of Budapest for a sustainable future.

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If you have any further questions or would like to request a quote, please contact us at any of the following contacts: or +36 1 422 2150.