Green lamp for the environment! Főtaxi introduces e-taxi order in Budapest

Budapest, 1st June 2021 - From now on, it will be easier for environmentally conscious passengers to choose, even if they take a taxi. In the mobile application of Főtaxi, which has the largest e-taxi fleet, one of the more than 60 completely emission-free electric and more than 200 low-emission hybrid cars can now be ordered directly.


An important feature has been updated in the Főtaxi mobile application: after entering the order address, passengers can already choose whether they want to travel by conventional, electric or hybrid car. There is plenty to choose from, as Főtaxi has the largest fleet in Budapest, and in addition to conventional cars, there are already more than 60 electric and more than 200 hybrid Főtaxi cars on the streets of the capital. In addition, it is planned that the company's electric car fleet will increase to three digits by 2022, in line with which the company's own electric charging infrastructure will be further developed.

According to our research among residents of the capital, three-quarters of respondents would like to take the opportunity to choose between a conventional, electric or hybrid car when ordering a taxi. Our passengers also often indicated to our drivers that in the taxi ordering application they would like to be able to call an electric car in addition to choosing the capacity of the car. Several people said: with the latest technology showcasing electric cars, environmentally conscious travel is an experience. In response to these needs, the latest development in the application of Főtaxi has been born, which is an important element of the company's electromobility program, the program “Zöldút”

- said Ádám Reich, CEO of Főtaxi.

Főtaxi is committed to improve the air quality and reduce noise pollution in Budapest, which is why they support the expansion of the environmentally friendly vehicle fleet in a number of ways. The company's taxi drivers can also rent electric cars and the discounted membership fee also includes charging the car. In addition, they can use tender advice to participate in tenders that support the purchase of an electric car from state funds. The government has set aside HUF 3 billion for this purpose this year, and applicants (including taxi drivers) can receive 45 percent of the value of the vehicle as a subsidy for the purchase of an electric vehicle with a value of up to HUF 15 million. Last year's tender 250 people won support in the country, including members of Főtaxi.


The sustainability aspirations of Főtaxi were recently also acknowledged by Budapest Airport: the airport operator awarded the company with the “Landside Greenairport Partner of the Year2020” award. The taxi company basically earned this with the program “Zöldút” launched three years ago, the central element of which is the intensive development of the electric car fleet and the related charging infrastructure.