FŐTAXI adverts

Charging taxis on the go? Available soon in Oslo!

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FŐTAXI legends. No.1

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FŐTAXI legends. No.2

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FŐTAXI adverts

On car advertising:

• Double sided window stickers (300 x 100 mm) on the left and right rear side windows of the cars.

• Oval stickers (300 x 210 mm) on the right and left rear mudguards of the cars.

• Stickers (800 x 100 mm) on the rear windows and bumpers of the cars.

In-car advertising:

• Flyers that are not exceeding the overall size of a single A5 page can be placed in the back pockets of the head restraints of our cars. Passengers sitting in the back seats could read them while traveling or even take those leaflets with them.

• Stickers (100 x 50 mm) on the dashboard placed next to the taxi fares table.

• Stickers (100 x 100 mm) on the dashboard placed next to the taxi fares table.

A minimum of a three-month period for advertising is required. The printing of stickers, flyers, and other publications and their ongoing supply or delivery to the premises is the customer's responsibility.

Recommended amounts:
Flyers, leaflets and other publications on average 8 to 10,000 pieces/month

Stickers for the period of 1 to 3 months minimum of 1,000 pieces, for more than 3 months time minimum of 1,200 pieces.

e-mail: sivo.annamaria@fotaxi.hu


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