FŐTAXI legends. No.2

FŐTAXI legends. No.2

The taxi tour service department

The taxi tour service department of Autotaxi was founded in 1933.

The company devoted precious time to select the most capable drivers.
The drivers were given a thorough and comprehensive training on orientation skills, car maintenance and treatment of their passengers. The company organized regular language courses for its drivers.

As a result, not only were the drivers able to communicate through the main languages but also spoke Spanish, Turkish, and various Slavic languages.

By the spring of 1934 the taxi tour/limousine service department had already owned eighty 3 or 5-passenger private hire cars and also five 32-passenger-luxury buses.
The taxi tour/limousine service department dealt with trips to the countryside among people mainly from inland while also significantly contributed to the development of tourism of the pre-war era.

By the end of the 30s, Autotaxi’s taxi tour cars had already made their way to Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria and the Balkans.