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FŐTAXI legends. No.1

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FŐTAXI legends. No.2

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Since its establishment, the cars of Főtaxi have run sixty times as far as the distance from the earth to the sun in its nearly 100 years of history. It means that more than 280 million passengers’ needs have been serviced with the renowned gray, and later checked patterned cars.

As the legal successor of Autótaxi Co. Ltd. founded in 1913, FŐTAXI has become the capital's oldest and most reputable taxi company.

Why is Főtaxi the best to chose?


  • "the most reliable taxi company in Budapest" (Source: Kosár Magazine).
  • Our quality and reliability of nearly one century are already traditions.
  • You are entitled to our quality guarantee throughout the whole journey.
  • Our company is the official transport partner at Budapest Airport.
  • We are available at the client’s disposal in an average of 5 to 10 minutes within the city of Budapest and of 15 to 30 minutes within the region of Pest County.


                                     FŐTAXI. INSTEAD OF SURPRISES.