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Since all our cars are equipped with credit card reader POS terminal  you can pay with credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) as well as cash!

Other payment options:

1. Payment by check

Paying by cheque (the formally called transfer payment system) enables our affiliate partners to travel without carrying cash with them and pay off their monthly transportation by using bank transfer arragements.

Főtaxi Zrt. provides their affiliate partners with numbered cheque books, from which, upon arrival, the first two, customer-signed copies stays with the driver while the main copy is kept by the passanger .

The Pay Office of Főtaxi Zrt. provides continous payment for its taxi drivers in condition that cheques are appropriately filled in.  Our affiliate partners are sent a summary of invoices at the beginning of the following month. The customer verifies the invoice summary by matching it with his own copy and sends the travel expenses of the previous month accordingly to Főtaxi Zrt.

Interested in  paying by cheque
2. Payment by security code number

Customers possessing a security code number are entitled to book a taxi by referring to their code numbers.

Paying Főtaxi the fare by security code number is due not the time when transportation completed but every month for all the journeys taken.

The invoice summary containing used taxi vouchers, also the statements of these agreed on by both parties and the invoice summary of verified transfers will be sent by Főtaxi Zrt. due on 10th of the month after the reference date.
Interested in paying by security code number

3. Payment by vouchers

The benefit of voucher payment is that it can be requested without contracting and allows its owner to use tariff no.3!

Vouchers, issued by Főtaxi Zrt., in denomination of HUF 200, 500 and 1,000 are available for our partners in our head office. When purchasing vouchers over the value of HUF 50,000, we offer free delivery of those within the area of Budapest.

The vouchers might as well be purchased as a gift.

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