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Dispatch Center

Főtaxi Zrt.offers a full guarantee on its services for the immediate and pre-orders, as well as for individual needs. 

Our dispatcher center is available 24 hours a day by dialling our well-known telephone number of + 36 1 2 222 222. As for the easy access, you can also give us a call by all three mobile operators on +36 20/30/70 2 222 222 

The call centre of FŐTAXI Zrt ensures quick and precise service in one shift (day/night) with 8-10 workers.

Cars arrive within 3-10 minutes after the registration of the order in the area of Budapest. Outside the administrative city limits – to towns and villages next to the boundary – the drivers of FŐTAXI Zrt. get in touch with the customer in 5-25 minutes, depending on the distance.

Dispatcher Service
The dispatcher service of Főtaxi Zrt. forwards addresses through 4 VHF Duplex Channels 24 hours a day .
The total number of bookings is handled on computer system. Our clients are identified by their phone or code numbers and are sent their cars from the nearest point within just few seconds.

Our system recognizes the phone numbers that are not hidden, so that people having already availed of our services will be registered in our database. As a result, our call-center operator will greet our clients by their names and after checking personal data and addresses, the nearest car available will be sent to the pick-up point.

Data is stored for approximately 30 days. Due to which our clients will also be in possession of materials that would provide evidence in case of a dispute.

You can give any comments or make your complaint about the quality of our services to the dispatcher center non stop or you can call our customer service (+36 1 422 2160) from 9 to 5 p.m on week days or send e-mails to reklamacio@fotaxi.hu.

Our Board of Ethics examines the incoming complaints and takes actions according to the Code of Ethics. After that the result of the investigation is communicated to the customer in the way requested and a possible compensation claim is made.


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